Areas of Expertise

Whatever the issue, TransformFinance drives resolutions through all finance work streams, creating an efficient base for the whole business.

Using our team of highly experienced consultants, process experts and programme managers, TransformFinance will work in harmony with you and your team to enhance performance, create efficiency and alleviate crisis.

When an organisation is under-performing, it’s very rare that the problems are centred in one area.  TransformFinance can review all elements of the finance function and identify issues that cut across streams and run through the whole business.  By engaging our consultants, process experts and  programme managers you can be certain that all relevant issues will be fully assessed and acted upon.

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Cash Control
Cash control is a business’s most liquid asset - controlling and maximising cash is key to a company’s success. A cash crisis may be reflected in poor DSO and aged debt, higher use of loan and overdraft facilities, and a cost base running out of control. TransformFinance can support you to maximise cash through a disciplined cross-company approach to all functional areas impacting cash: contract management, invoicing, credit control, cost control, cash control, working capital management and more.
Cost Control
Maintaining a competitive advantage, maximising profit or fighting for survival, cost control is paramount to securing a company’s future. Great cost control cuts across the whole business. TransformFinance will drive focus on controlling headcount and organisational structure, and create clear procurement policies, processes and authorisation, and line by line P&L assessment and Balance Sheet control. TransformFinance can perform a full and comprehensive cost review, and guide a business to regain control of its cost base and significantly enhance its P&L.
R2R Control
Without accurate and timely information, an entity will have no clear visibility to take appropriate decisions or plot an effective course. TransformFinance can bring control to the ‘record to report’ function, creating and maintaining Balance Sheet control, engineering efficient month-end processes, establishing delineation of responsibilities, all leading to excellent financial reporting. Strong processes for financial planning and analysis, introduced by TransformFinance, will help ensure the business maintains control and direction.
With entrepreneurial focus concentrated on sales and operations, new businesses can struggle to develop because of lack of financial control from the very first days. Typical issues include lack of funding, poor cash flow, VAT and tax issues, and no clear view on the company’s real performance. TransformFinance can very quickly introduce effective financial control and processes giving the management clear information and allowing them time to focus on sales and operations.
Many smaller organisations don’t have the resources to operate a full finance function, and can suffer from weak processes, lack of clear information and poor financial control as a result. These weaknesses can lead to inefficiencies such as ineffective credit control, cash flow problems, profitability issues and uncertain direction. By utilising TransformFinance’ s support services, businesses are enabled to focus on day to day operations knowing that the company’s finances are under control.
At some point, during the lifecycle of most mature business’s, a company will find that its performance is in decline. This can be due to any of several issues: weak financial control, poor cash management, change in market circumstances, inadequate marketing ….. TransformFinance can rapidly assess the reasons, then work with your team to drive a programme of changes across the organisation: product restructure, sales development, cost review, refinancing and more.

The TransformFinance Approach


TransformFinance will spend time with your team to perform a fast diagnostic review: establishing the true situation and assessing the available options. Within days, we will present you with a full report showing the opportunities and challenges within your finance function and our plan to turnaround your organisation. You choose whether to appoint TransformFinance to implement the plan or to manage the plan with your own resources.


On appointment, TransformFinance will work with your team to manage and action the agreed plan – at speed. TransformFinance will introduce short-term process experts and project managers as required, as agreed and as per plan. The TransformFinance team will identify, agree and implement process and structural improvements to maximise efficiency within your finance function and across your business.


Our high impact approach means that within weeks your finance function will be showing measurable, quantifiable improvements, bringing real value to your business. Clarity in processes, efficiency improvements, clear direction will all help lift the morale of your team and free-up resource and time Changes introduced will show financial reward in the form of cash benefit, clarity, profitability, financial stability and many more ways.

Our Rule of Thumb

The benefit to your business will be at least 100 times greater than our cost

100k of costs = 10,000,000 in benefit.

Outcome Scenarios

Not all outcomes are easily measurable, but the benefits of introducing TransformFinance expertise to your organisation are innumerable.

Given below are a few examples of the type of outcomes a business can expect by engaging with our team.  We also want to share with you a few of our case studies.

1. Cash Crisis

FM co – Turnover £500m

DSO at 73 days; overdraft £20m.

Need: Fix the cash crisis.

Outcome: DSO reduced to 38 days, Overdraft zero.

2. Reduce cost base

Logistics co – Turnover £300m

Loss maker.

Need: reduce cost base by £35m.

Outcome: Costs identified; £35m profit improvement; company now thriving.

3. Poor reporting

Blue-chip tech co

Lack of quality financial reporting.

Outcome: Monthly financial reporting introduced; revised organisational structure; planned system replacement.

4. Margin Erosion

Tech hardware – Turnover £250m

Margin erosion.

Need: add 5 pts back to margin.

Outcome: Margin stabilised and returned to target over course of one year – over £12m pa profit improvement.

5. Fight for Survival

Tech co – AIM Listed

Need: Cash to survive until funding secured.

Outcome: Survived!!!

6. Start-up Finance Team

Software start-up

No finance function. No controls.

Need: information and control.

Outcome: Part-time finance function installed; monthly management accounts created; forecasting implemented; large VAT reclaim.

7. Return to profitability

Tech co – Turnover £300m

Loss maker

Need: turnaround to profitability.

Outcome: Business achieved break-even within one year; returned to profitability in year two.

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